We now offer all our models and custom designs in Futurelite construction...stringerless EPS foam, epoxy resin, with carbon fibre wireframe through the deck and bottom of the board...this method of construction is tuned to give a very responsive feel, with the ultra quick snapback response to flex that carbon fibre delivers, these boards are state of the art and will be the future of developement in surfboard design...they are super lightweight yet still very strong...and best of all is they are of the highest quality being built by proud kiwi boardmakers that are truly passionate about what they do.


Welcome to Tribal Surfboards

Tribal Surfboards specialize in building custom high performance surfboards, we use the latest methods and materials to produce state of the art boards here in nz.

We work with many talented kiwi surfers who constantly keep the pressure on for those magic boards.

For enquirys contact us on 09 4337119 or txt 027 4337018 or email via our contacts page. If you cant wait for a custom made board we have most sizes of all our models in stock.

Boards for 2014

We are still pushing the performance boundaries with the Protoy model and now offer this cutting edge performance shape in Protoy+ which is the same design file but we have added an extra litre of volume in each size, so fractionally wider and thicker to suit your average shredder not just for elite pro's.

The Compact has had a revamp and is going hot for the slightly flatter, shortened up performance shape which is now common in most pro's quivers, a fast forgiving platform refined enough to be super responsive but forgiving enough to be playful for jibbing airs, reverses and general freestyling in average waves.

Our latest shape and probably this summers' hip board to have is the NEW Wavepig model. This shape came about because i kept getting asked for something in between the Chubby and the Compact, so i took the width, thickness and flat rocker of the Chubby, which gave incredible flow and stability, and blended the rail and outline of the Compact, which made it more responsive and tighter turning. Feels short and flat, surfs fast and loves the pocket.

And lastly the Chubby...our high volume performer that has put more smiles on faces than any other model...speed, flow, style and shred when no one else can, turns junk into the funnest sessions ever.

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